Fred Massie: Warren needs real unity now

Fred Massie: Warren needs real unity now

Warren Town Council member Cathie Tattrie stands during a vote to reduce the Warren Tax Assessor's salary by 50 percent, while fellow council members keep their seats.
An angry resident gives Warren Town Council member Joseph Depasquale an earful at Monday's Financial Town Meeting.
An angry resident gives Warren Town Council member Joseph Depasquale an earful at Monday’s Financial Town Meeting.

I love my home in Warren, and I appreciate the many fine qualities and opportunities our town offers — from the agricultural fields on Touisset Point, to the thriving commercial scene in the historic downtown, and from the joys of being out on Mount Hope Bay and the Kickemuit River, to the successful new and established businesses and production facilities and the host of great restaurants located throughout the town. That’s why I have freely given many hours of my time to help protect what Warren currently offers and help set the stage for Warren’s future growth.

So it was with sadness I learned about the actions taken at the Monday, May 20 Warren Financial Town Meeting, where a number of my fellow residents marched in under the banner of “Warrenites Unite.” Constituting a crowd of loud, we’re-angry-as-hell-and-we’re-not–going-to-take-it anymore residents, stirred up and spurred on by local agent provocateurs, these folks voted to gut vital positions in our town’s governance and regulatory staffing.

Under the false impression that the modest salaries for the town’s planner, building official, clerk and tax assessor are unnecessary to the town’s present and future, these misguided individuals determined that reducing the pay of the aforementioned staffers will not only help Warren out of its current tax crunch, but also reduce the impending tax increase. While these stalwarts weren’t able to take down the tax assessor, they were able to severely handicap the positions and salaries of the town planner and building official.

For all their bluster about needing to “take matters into their own hands” to reduce taxes, the same people then added back in to the budget nearly the salary equivalent they proposed to cut. The result?  A laughable two cent reduction in the anticipated tax burden per resident from $20.09 per $1,000 in valuation to $20.07, while crippling two positions directly related to the economic and environmental health and growth in our community. Frankly, the attack on these three positions, and most particularly on that of town planner, stinks of a personal vendetta orchestrated into a witch hunt. This is appalling.

The fact is, Warren’s current tax problems are directly linked to our school funding issue. Fortunately, our town, supported by the efforts of our town treasurer and town solicitor, is fighting in court to ease this school-related burden, and there is good reason to believe their effort will be successful.

Unfortunately, the herd mentality of many of the attendees at the Financial Town Meeting allowed no time to consider pesky things like facts. Instead, they were bound and determined to run blindly with scissors — and, at least some of us know the perils of that folly from childhood — at specific town staff positions. As a result, they badly injured the town and its future.

As a volunteer member and now chairman of the Warren Planning Board, I have worked hard to eliminate the “us vs. them” mentality the board reflected when I was first appointed. Over time, through the volunteer planning board members’ spirit of cooperation, dedication, thoughtful deliberations, and respect for differing opinions, those bad old days, at least on the Planning Board, are now a passing memory. More importantly, we have improved the board’s functions, and we are currently working to help streamline and sensitize the regulatory processes that previously earned the town a reputation as bad for business. We are also working on the town’s new Comprehensive Plan, aimed at enhancing the residents’ quality of life and our town’s business climate while protecting the town’s best cultural and environmental assets.

Truly, a good deal of the board’s progress to date is also the result of the outstanding professional assistance provided by Warren Town Planner Caroline Wells, without whose work, we would be mired in time-consuming and expensive delays. Clearly, the individual at the meeting who slammed the town planner for delaying the current, proposed, Tourister Mill development process, receiving loud applause from other uninformed folks, was speaking out of ignorance, as that process, in particular, is significantly aided and moved forward by the civil and cooperative discussions and actions of the developer, the planning board and the town planner. There are few things that will delay the proposed Tourister development more than pulling the rug from under the planner during the approvals process and hamstringing the building inspector during the permitting and construction process.

On a separate but equally relevant note, the town planner has brought hundreds of thousands of dollars of outside grant money into town for much-needed infrastructure projects. The return on the town’s investment in the planner’s modest salary is tremendous. Driving the current planner out of town and leaving us without the wherewithal to attract another candidate is irresponsible.

Sadly, there are some in town who refuse to follow the lead of the planning board. These people apparently thrive on contention, derogatorily using terms like “relative newcomers” to further factionalize an already disturbingly factionalized town. Fostering an environment of distrust can only end badly for the town, its residents, and its business climate.

That said, I accept my own responsibility for the Monday Town Meeting putsch, as I was not in attendance at the meeting. My ignorance of what transpired is no excuse, but I know there are many other concerned Warren residents who also allowed this to slip under their radar screens. Given the severe consequences should this vote stand, it is incumbent upon the town council to call for another Financial Town Meeting where the votes of more, and hopefully better informed, residents may be counted.

Frederick D. Massie

Brownell Street

Mr. Massie is chairman of the Warren Planning Board, though his comments reflect his opinions and not necessarily those of all the planning board members. 


  1. Amen, Mr. Massie. The real issue here is the school funding. So, let’s give our current Town Council and Town Manager some props for addressing that issue. We should not be mad at them or each other. We should be mad at those who agreed to the school funding formula in 1993!

    Hopefully, we can correct the funding, and restore the salaries and budgets of those affected by this year’s budget!

  2. The school funding formula changed approx 5 years ago, and the Finance Committee for the Schools has ignored that. As a direct result: We’ve paid $2,000,000 per year for the past 5 years (Total: $10,000,000). You want to start getting involved: Start with the School Committee.

    We’re a small town. We have way too much overhead.

    I’ve heard both Pro’s & Con’s for the Town Planner Position and it’s current occupier. When that person texts in a reply: “It’s a Sad Little Town”… that gives me more reason to to side with the Con’s that I’ve heard in dealing with her office.

    The Fire Department has received Millions in grants over the past decade thanks to a VOLUNTEER who writes for them. Let these other organizations who benefit from grants write for them on their own.

    We don’t need a full time employee writing for grants, that can be done part time. OR BETTER YET: BY A VOLUNTEER!!!

    Do you realize that the largest life-saving operation in town is done 99% by VOLUNTEERS? 1 Full Time Chief & 1 Part Time Secretary, and about 150 volunteers.

    Building Official: Aside from the yet-to-happen Tourister Project, there is no massive projects going on in town that require a full time building official. Do you realize that when there is an incident in the town that affects the structure of a building or house that the Fire Chief is required to call for the building official to respond? How many times has he responded over the term of his position? I believe it’s been less than 20% of the time. This is a good part-time job for perhaps a retiree from a construction or similar background.

    The worst thing that can happen to this town right now is that we win the pending lawsuit, are awarded the $2,000,000, and we just dump that money back into the ridiculously broken system we have here. OUR TAXES ARE GROWING AT A RATE THAT IS UNSUSTAINABLE BY THE AVERAGE HOME OWNER!!! WE NEED TO STOP THE INCREASES, ELIMINATE THE WASTE, AND MAKE WARREN AFFORDABLE AGAIN.

  3. Ben,

    Just a quick clarification. Fire Chief Galinelli has a full time assistant/secretary, who is a member of the United Steel Workers Local 14845, Unit 2. Apart from helping the chief, she is responsible for administering the town’s third party (insurance) billing.

  4. @ Fred Massie , I had to read your blog several times because I found your description of Warren so moving it fell to the likes of a Walt Disney story. The only thing you left out were the little white lambs jumping in the fields with the bunny’s. Your description of Warren would lead one to believe that we would have people moving here by the dozens, in fact its just the opposite. You my friend are a prime example of why Warren has the issues it suffers from. As the leader of the planning board you pontificate about all your contributions as a planning board leader. In fact if half of the folks that attended the financial Town meeting ever took part in one of your planning board meetings I am confident you too would have been on the chopping block also. You have intentionally removed the video taping of your meetings so that you can mistreat people and threaten them with removal for voicing their opinions. You obviously tossed away the code of conduct book for your board since your taking over the throne. The rest of us need to live in your dream world where everything is just roses and sunshine in Warren. You are the head of a planning board that could be replaced by a classroom of grade school children, Warren is three miles square and lets be honest how much more development is there really going to be here.

    The taxpayers have paid for more open space per square mile than any other community its size in the State, a child could figure how much more development there is going to be in the next ten years here. The last thing Warren needs is more regulation from someone like you. While you may have felt that the people were on a witch hunt of sorts it has come with a multitude of frustration behind it. Perhaps the Towns folk should take the time to read yours & Ms. Wells newly introduced Comprehensive plan, its a thing of beauty with all its mandatory crap this Town doesn’t need and can’t afford. And as far as Ms. Wells goes, while she may have secured many grants for Warren it didn’t change anything to the naked eye. The Jamiel Park grants had already been started by the previous planner Michele Maher. Ms. Wells contribution to our community was helping sell the Liberty Street School was a thing of beauty, we lost over $150,000 on the deal & then the Town got stuck doing the remedial work on the property, that doesn’t sound like a prudent move to help the taxpayers.
    You think there should be an additional financial Town meeting, what rock have you been sleeping under. If you weren’t so wrapped up in making more regulation you might have a better picture of whats actually going on. Unlike you the rest of us are very informed of whats happening, the fact that you don’t understand the magnitude of the school issue tells volumes of your concern over the matter. Your Us vs Them mentality didn’t disappear, it just took on a different shape. The fact that you state you have done so much work is almost a joke, there hasn’t been any large scale development of any kind since you took over the board. With the exception of the Tourister project you folks haven’t had anything of substance to deal with. Stop trying to blow smoke Fred, the rest of Warren isn’t as dumb as you think we are. Next time make the meeting before you go and criticize others for what you think is wrong in your mind. I believe the only reason you didn’t go to the Financial Town meeting was because you weren’t in charge of your surroundings and you if fact were the minority. Nice try Fred, but we have you figured out also.