Facts don’t get in the way of a good argument for some

Facts don’t get in the way of a good argument for some


The time really has come for those perpetuating innuendo and rumor around the city to stop. And it is also about high time everyone, everyone in East Providence comes to grip with the notion that the past, present and future decisions of the Budget Commission are final, regardless of what many of our politicians and administrators may say in public gatherings or private conversations.

All too often over the last 13 months, City Council and School Committee meetings have served no purpose but to exacerbate our predicament. All too often politicians have played on citizens’ fears, made comments not based in fact and have created a general sense of confusion on many issues.

Unfortunately, despite an election held in city with the Budget Commission fully present and in charge and its powers well established, some politicians continue in the same manner as they did themselves before November or those new have repeated the misleading practices of their predecessors. It can only be concluded they are either ignorant of the truth or blatantly unaware of their actual standing in the hierarchy of our governmental structure under the statute creating the Commission.

Like it or not, the Budget Commission has made the cuts, the difficult decisions few if any politicians in East Providence had the ability or the fortitude to make over the last decade plus.

Quite simply, we are in a better place today than we were in December 2011, despite the misinformation being spewed by some of those self-serving among us.