Explanation Needed Before Tax Rate Increases

Explanation Needed Before Tax Rate Increases


I am writing in response to the article in the March 20 Bristol Phoenix reporting that the town administrator is seeking a $2 increase in the millage rate. That is a 15.6 percent increase in the millage rate (calculated by dividing the $2 by the old millage rate of $12.80).

I understand that 11 percent of the increase is offset by the 11 percent decrease in the town’s real estate valuation. But that still leaves a 4.6 percent increase — why? Mr. Teixeira reports that he is seeking a 1.71 percent increase for the general fund and a 2.25 percent increase for the schools. That is not 4.6 percent. Moreover, I thought the town was limited by state law to 4 percent or less without obtaining a waiver from the state.

If the article is accurate, then Mr. Teixeira needs to do a better job communicating why a 15.6 percent increase in the millage rate is needed and not simply try to pass this off as the result of the statistical revaluation.

David McDonald
23 Tobin Lane


  1. My tendency in this space is to write comments that I hope people will find humorous. Not this time.

    Mr. McDonald, this is an excellent letter. It is to the point, reasonable, and worthy of a response. Thank you for writing it.

    Mr. Teixeira, please do give us your response.

    • A very good question for sure, but my I suggest that Mr. McDonald and Local take some time go to the Town Hall review the entire budget that is on the table outside the Administrators office. Once you do at that time as Mr. T any questions you may have like I did, this will help you understand the entire picture much better.
      Some increases are not controllable do to Union contracts that are in effect and cant be changed at this time.
      I hope this helps…