Weekend Halloween — what a treat!

Weekend Halloween — what a treat!


Asked what they thought about the fact that Hurricane Sandy forced postponement of Halloween to the weekend in some places, several folks’ reaction on TV was “Great!”

Amidst all the holiday date shuffling that has happened over the years, this one that makes perfect sense has been overlooked. Celebrating Halloween on the last Friday or Saturday of October would make trick-or-treating even more fun than it already is.

Jamming it into a Wednesday — or any work/school day — just isn’t as special as on the weekend.

It’s the end of a long day for school-age children (and their parents) with another early wakeup on the way (much too soon after an evening of eating chocolate).

For working parents, weekday Halloween tasks become a stressful after-work rush — put out the candy (or hurry someplace to buy it), find the decorations, and put on costumes and makeup — all after hustling  home from work, figuring out dinner. If there’s a costume malfunction, and there usually is, too bad — no time for repairs. Children sense such stress; it’s generally not hard to miss.

If mom or dad commute a distance or work late, chances are they’ll miss this most entertaining of childhood moments altogether — and the Halloween years are fleeting. They’ll have to make do with photos to see what they missed.

And the opportunity to make it all a party with family or friends is diminished — too little time to get it together.

For the sake of making the most of this autumn highlight, and ridding it of the stress and exhaustion that surround it, the solution is simple.

Move trick-or-treating to the weekend and make it a true treat.