Time to address Warren Animal Shelter problem

Time to address Warren Animal Shelter problem


Time to solve shelter question

It’s time for the town to come up with a long term plan to deal with the animal shelter. Warren surely needs something better.

Tight as money is, the town should examine the costs of relocating, expanding and/or modernizing the outmoded, dirty facility. It’s too cramped? Add on. There aren’t enough kennels? Build another wing. Messy? Put some elbow grease into the place. Lies in a flood plane? Build something else, somewhere else.

State inspectors on Tuesday found a shelter loaded to the gills with cats, dogs, guinea pigs and more. None of these findings are any news to most Warrenites who’ve seen the shelter decay for years. Indeed, past attempts to fix its problems have gone nowhere, including RUFF (Residents United for Furry Friends), which appears dead in the water and suffers, at least publicly, from a lack of direction. There was talk about “piggy-backing” the shelter with the new, state-of-the-art facility being built in Bristol, but that appears to be going nowhere as well. More recently, there was a one-side discussion about relocating the shelter to the Market Street property where, even now, a new animal hospital is being built. That idea, too, seems to have gained little traction. Meanwhile, dedicated volunteers and animal control workers who got into the work because they love animals, are forced to work in substandard conditions that do the animals themselves few favors.

It’s not clear what Warren needs, other than an adequate facility to care for its animals. If there is no consensus on what should be done, then, why has the Warren Town Council not yet started a conversation on the shelter’s future?

It’s a discussion that needs to begin, and should have begun a long time ago.


  1. If you’re going to spend tax payer dollars on foolishness like an animal “shelter” (even the name turns my stomach), they why not regionalize it? Surely Bristol, Warren & Borrington can be adequately serviced by a single facility! No?

    • Seems Walter cannot make up his mind. First – in a separate post — he suggest callously gassing the poor creatures, who, by human fault , end up in shelters. Then he insults the entire town of Barrington with a juvenile term (or perhaps he cannot spell Barrington?). Having spent many years as a volunteer in the Warren shelter, I can commend both Heidi, and Fran before her on creating the most comforting environment with minimal funding. The three towns really should consider a regional facility.

      • Sharon-
        I’m sorry if I insulted your beloved town of Borrington but please toughen up.
        As far as the animals go, yes, gas them, we don’t have the luxury of wasting tax payer dollars on such foolishness. If you crazy cat people are so concerned then please support a PRIVATE shelter with your PRIVATE money – since you’re from Borrington you have disposable income – put you money where your mouth is – don’t ask me to support stupidity.

        • Ther;s only two stuoid things I can see, walter is cold, and I’ll bet cruel to people and especially animals, and the smart oney is on inhumane too. I wouldn’t ever trust him, or tune mu back on him. And the fact that Barrington still, after all these years, had no shelter for homeless animals that are so due to people like Walter. Walter, in my opinion, is a pathetic person. Thank God, nasty people like him are in te minorty. He probably pulled the wings off of flies, as a kid, just for the enjoyment of it. Sad and pathetic. He is to be pitied. Stay away from but pitied non the less.

          • what gets me with “kind, loving, caring” people like you lovely rita, is that while you’re all for animal rights you’re the first to stand up for ABORTION! You and your ilk are all HYPOCRITES.
            You don’t know me at all – I’m a successful professional, married to a WOMAN, have successful children, own a beautiful home and oh, yes I own a CAT – fancy that!
            Let me state what I think of you – you’re probably a flaming liberal who supports gay marriage (you’re probably a lesbian judging from your picture), you want all guns banned, think we should “understand” the muslim terroists and is looking forward to Obamacare. Am I right on all counts? No? You can’t judge people? Well then DON’T JUDGE ME YOU IDIOT!

          • Walter you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried! I hope that you have a stock broker to manage your money, as your “take on things” is so far off course. If you manage your oney and the rest of your life based on “your impressions: you should be bankrupt and a homeless. You are laughable, in a very sad way. I will not begin to defend your take of me, as you are not worthy of any additonal information, but here’s a clue, if you’re up to it. If I care for helpless animals why would i support the abortion of a helpless child? Get your head out of your butt, buy some new glassses, to see things clearly, put on your thinking cap, if you have one, and clear the cob webs of homophobic hateful mind. You sstill soundcold and hateful and your personal attact of me is pathetic! It does nothing to maek your point of view more valid.

    • dear Mr Heisenberg let me be the first to say if you’re going to choose a pseodnym at least choose something that’s not from Breaking Bad. if you are so against the animal shelter why slam them online? let me guess growin up you were the kind who kicked puppies and drowned kittens for shits and giggles. were you not hugged enough? is that why you’re suggesting using the most heinous method of killing?

    • walterheisenberg A.K.A. Animal Hater, If you dont like the ideas of saving the animals in a SHELTER!! then leave the town of warren and live miserably elsewhere like in a gutter. How can you even say GAS the animals. You heartless JERK!!

  2. Why doesn’t Warren partner with Barrington, which has NO ANIMAL SHELTER AT ALL, and then they can share the expense? Isn’t that the way of the future? Muncipalities cosharing servies? It’s a win/win for both towns and the animals in each town, especially Barrington, which HAS NO SHELTER AT ALL!! Warren gets a new shelter and Barrington, finally, gets a shelter! I guess if it makes sense it will never happen!

  3. Rita you are so right. If it maks sencse it wilk never happen. And. As fir Walter who says he as a cat it is orobably a cat that is outside all the time and he dosen’t even supply food for it. He is not worth wasting your breath over. He has no comoassion

    • Walter, look in the mirror to see a true idiot, and a pathetic one at that. All of this character assination, homophobic slurs and innuendoes , unwarrented and uncalled for assumptions and name calling ALL because Warren needs a new animal shelter and Barrington just plain needs an animal shelter. Oh how sad that the plight of homeless, helpless animals can bring out the really nasty side of you! God, I hope that there are not many like you out there, with no heart, compassion and sympathy for the plight of these poor creatures. Truly sad and disheartening.

  4. “Oh how sad that the plight of homeless, helpless animals…”
    That one line really sums it up.
    Have all the homeless animal shelters you want provided that they are all PAID FOR WITH PRIVATE DONATIONS.
    Does it really make sense to have homeless animal shelters under the direction of the POLICE DEPARTMENT?
    It seems that since I am in the minority on this issue (probably not – but others that feel the way I do are drowned out by the bleeding hearts and don’t have the courage to stand up) and there are many “animal lovers”, why don’t you all work to build a doggie palace with private funds and take the tax-payer out of the mix?
    There are plenty of homeless HUMANS but I don’t see a shelter for them in Bristol, Warren or BORRINGTON.

  5. Walter does not understand what a shelter does. First they not only house abandoned, sick and unwanted pets, they are education centers, they help people feed their pets if they cannot, shelters help the community with spay & neuter programs and vaccinations, while the town does fund the shelter many of the other shelter major costs are covered by donations and fund raisers sponsored by the local volunteer group. Community outreach is a big part of running a successful shelter, so it is not just a place to park dogs and cats. People who adopt from these shelters pay a fee which goes back into the shelter. Walter if you need me to further explain about shelter work I will gladly educate you, and yes I am animal lover, a former veterinary surgical technician and dog rescuer of special needs pets. I am not a gay or a lesbian, but I do support them and I own 2 very successful businesses giving back to the community. I support local homeless shelters for people, and many other community programs, and YES I do support the local animal shelters and rescues having 4 rescue dogs myself. Warren needs a good foundation and they need to rebuild their volunteer group, once that is place then it is time to focus on a new shelter, without a strong base any shelter will fall apart. Look to Bristol and the “Friends” group for advice and guidance they have pulled together and successfully fought for the new shelter that is being currently built and the Friends group have faced the struggles that Warren will be facing, building a shelter is NOT an easy road and they need the support of their community.

    • my POINT is do whatever you want – whatever makes you happy
      The community of animal lovers is very large and apparently they have lots of disposable income –
      As a community, homeless animal shelters should be off the radar screen until all other financial issues are addressed.

  6. Sherrie-

    “they help people feed their pets if they cannot” – you don’t see a problem with this?

    “special needs pets” – WTF???

  7. Dear Members of the Warren Town Council,

    I hope that you read this. Please start a discussion on finding a solution.

    Partnering with both Bristol and Barrington seems to be a step in the right direction.

    Everyone else, please stop addressing “Walter Heisenberg”. It is the name of a character from a popular tv show. He is just starting arguments to enrage you.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more on both issues. If indeed, “Walter” is just a crap stirrer, it speaks volumns of the man he is or isn’t, but should be. I think that Warren and Barrington should go in together as Bristol has already started theirs and if it were to be a Tri-Town, then Bristols current plans, I am sure, would not be big enough to accomdoate three towns, as it was never being designed for three towns aniamls. Barrington needs to do something other than ignore the plight of their homeless animals (and senior citizens too)
      Barrington is a great Town except have 4 legs and are old, then it is not inclusive at all. Both are ignored. It doesn’ speak well for the Town as a whole for sure.

    • The only problem with the Warren Town Council is that it’s run by people who could care less unless it effected them directly. The town is so overrun by small town politicians who are only looking after their own *** that everything else slips through the cracks. Regionalizing would make wayyy to much sense for them to comprehend.

      • CommenSense: why dont you get some COMMONSENSE and stop hating on every article RE: town council I know alot of people on town council and they are great. As far as the person stating about barrington. HA! lack of care for animals and Elderly isnt the only issue. The Police Dept Lacks alot and tends to be very Racial when it comes to people being from other town/cities. Thats another issue but that will be a future complaint.
        I hope that *** walter rots in hell!!