The rain fell and the first-responders proved up to the task

Mother Nature was not kind to Bristol on Wednesday.
Starting early in the morning, the town was lashed with heavy downpours and strikes of lightning. The flooding that resulted from the unrelenting rain impacted nearly every part of town. So bad was the standing water across Bristol that the town’s fire department found itself scrambling from one call to the next, pressed hard to keep up with the emergencies.
But keep up they did.
The town’s fire department deserves a hearty “thanks” for its effort amid the driving rain and booming thunder. At one point during the storm, the dispatcher could be heard sending crews to Ryan Street for a house struck by lightning, then to State Street for another lightning strike, then to Colt-Andrews School for a possible water condition in the building’s basement. To the listener, the calls for help seemed to happen in rapid-fire succession.
By about 3 p.m., the skies started to clear. The rain lessened to a drizzle. Flood waters began receding, leaving asphalt roadways and concrete sidewalks in their place. A few spots in town — especially near the Tanyard Brook project at the southern end of Wood Street that was inundated with stormwater runoff — were still reeling from the soaking storm, but most areas in Bristol were returning to normal. Even the calls for assistance placed by dispatch grew less and less frequent.
The storm seemed to happen so quickly — from start to finish, the entire weather event ran steady for less than 10 hours — that it might be possible to forget about the hard work of Bristol’s emergency crews just as quickly.
But we hope people don’t do that.

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