State leaders hope to expose pension abuses with new hotline

The number of retired town and state workers who abuse the system, collecting lifetime disability pensions for phantom injuries, are few and far between. But they’re out there.

We’ve all heard of the “retired” police officer whose bad back entitles him to a tax-free pension that pays two-thirds of his former salary every year for life – and it frosts anyone when that guy works out frenetically at the local gym.

Stories like that now have a place (besides the local newspaper). General Treasurer Gina Raimondo and Attorney General Peter Kilmartin launched a new “disability fraud hotline” last week to capture tips about disability pension abuses in Rhode Island.
Call anonymously, or leave your name and number, and someone from the Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island will follow up to investigate the claim.

The general treasurer announced this week there have already been a couple of calls, and we hope it’s just the beginning.
Suspect abuse? Do all Rhode Islanders a favor and call 401-462-TIPS (8477).