Never mind the experts, that wreck’s a hazard

Never mind the experts, that wreck’s a hazard


That wreck out in Blue Bill Cove is neither a safety nor environmental hazard, both state and Coast Guard declare with straight face.

As if to convince them otherwise, the old cabin cruiser let loose its cabin top in a windstorm last week. The big chunk of fiberglass then drifted into an expensive yacht, causing unknown damage.

Coast Guard and DEM normally err on the side of caution with such things but their motive is pretty evident with this one. Whoever declares this thing a hazard, they apparently suspect, will be saddled with the task of removing it.

But remove it someone should — and soon. A year has passed since the big cabin cruiser foundered in that Portsmouth cove and it remains an eyesore and, to most eyes, a genuine hazard.

Before someone rams it at night, before more fuel seeps out, before more pieces break free to litter the bottom or to do harm elsewhere, it needs to be gone.