Good job, Warren

Good job, Warren


Sleepy Warren has been just that of late — sleepy. But amid winter and early Spring’s quiet, some very good things are happening:

n Tommy Swift’s mother is dealing with a horrible disease, but the young Warren resident is doing what he can to ease his family’s situation and honor his mom. He’s planned a “Chocolate Surprise” fundraiser to benefit the Natalie Swift Foundation, and it will be held this coming Saturday afternoon, April 6, at Savon Shoes. Gratitude should go not only to Tommy but Francis Jamiel and Savon’s owner David Grande, who opened up their downtown store for the fund-raiser. Good luck, Tommy and family. We hope to see many, many people looking to satisfy their sweet tooth and help their neighbors. On a related note, it’s nice to hear that folks facing tough times have friends — in yet another case, it’s Warren youngster Cory Burke, who is battling cancer. Four of those friends, Shea Quinn, Colleen Killeavy, Meg O’Brien and Mollie Rigby, recently organized a run/walk to raise money for Cory’s battle, and hundreds showed up.

n This week, two ospreys set up a homestead atop a year-old nesting platform put up last year by a small army of volunteers. Led by photographer Butch Lombardi, volunteers spent a few days installing the structure last year and had been diligently, if unsuccessfully, waiting for its first tenants ever since. The wait’s over, thanks to their work.

n Driving down Touisset Road on Friday afternoon, a reporter spotted three teens on the side of the road, each with a large plastic bag. They were 50 yards or so apart, reaching down every now and then to pick up cigarette butts and other flotsam. Stopping and asking what they were up to, one responded that they had been asked at school to come up with a local example of “thinking globally and acting locally.” So they decided to spend an hour or two out in the street, doing just that. Touisset seldom looked better.