Gifts given, big and small

Gifts given, big and small


’Tis the season for giving and we are surrounded this December by far more fine examples than can be mentioned in this small space. A sampling:

• The Champlin Foundation whose extraordinary gift of $750,000 all but pushes the years-long Tiverton Library effort to fruition. It enables the organizers to finally put a date on this project — they’re talking about next April.

• The Little Compton and Westport Surfers for a Cause who decided to lend a hand to Sandy-battered Brooklyn. They got word out via social media and in no time were directing caravans of clothing, food, generators and more to storm victims.

• And speaking of Sandy, the volunteers at Potter League (Middletown) who offered to take in dozens of orphaned cats from Ocean County, NJ, despite already having all the cats they could handle at the shelter (good homes still needed).

• Food banks and their helpers everywhere who face need that is greater than ever and keep finding creative ways to fill the shelves— for instance Amicable Church’s migrant worker nativity scene and simulated food bank dinner, and Westport’s Town Farm whose produce assures that nobody will want for the freshest vegetables to be found.

• Those Prudence Island quilters whose works of art provide shelter and warmth to people in shelters.

• Garden clubs in all these towns who make it their business every year to deck town hall and other public places with wreaths, garlands and bows.

• Westport Lions’ ‘defibrillator for every officer’ drive. In such ways lives are saved.

• Families and donors whose foresight enable us to walk in beautiful places like (most recently) Old Harbor Wildlife Refuge, Aquidneck Greenway …

• Those who sought any way at all — from  teddy bear collections and green flags over Portsmouth schools — to ease the Sandy Hook pain shared by all this holiday season. These gestures, no matter how small, do make a difference.