Everyday heroes

Everyday heroes


On this week before Christmas, it’s worth noting that we have heroes in our midst, every day.

You may forget about them from time to time, and you may never need them — let’s hope you don’t. But if you ever do, Warren’s volunteer fire fighters will be there, as one was last week when a woman nearly burned to death in her car after a minor traffic accident.

Volunteer fire departments like Warren’s and Bristol’s down the road take knocks from time to time — most recently here when a resident questioned why one of the fire companies left its vintage, privately owned truck the “Green Machine” on town property.

But criticism like that misses the point: Volunteer fire fighters may hang out a lot at their fire houses and they may use the town’s facilities from time to time. But they do it because volunteer fire fighting is not about a paycheck, but about love for the community and for its residents. And they’re saving us money; just look at Barrington’s paid force.

Never was Warren’s dedication made clearer than last Wednesday, when volunteer Patrick Rimoshytus jumped into a fully engulfed car to rescue the driver, while EMT and Warren Town Council member Cathie Tattrie tried to get the woman out from the other side. They saved her, though she was listed in critical condition as of press time.

We hope the unfortunate victim survives her horrible burns. Regardless, it’s clear that Ms. Tattrie and Mr. Rimoshytus put their town, and their fellow human, first and served their town well. Likely, any of their hundreds of fellow volunteers would have done the same thing, if given the chance. For that, we should be grateful and say Thank You.