Editorial: We need more collaborative efforts in East Providence

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By all accounts, the third annual pasta dinner conducted by the Waddington Elementary School PTA was a rousing success, raising some $13,000 and serving as yet another example of what our city can do when the force of the community rallies around a cause.
And it’s not the only fundraising attempt highlighted here in this week’s edition of The Post.
In the coming weeks and months, several other fundraising events related to our deteriorating school facilities are also planned.
Events sponsored by the East Providence Gym Restoration Project are mentioned in this week’s edition. A weekend of events is planned in May, including “Townie Day,” and a bowl-a-thon/car wash is slated for early June.
The East Providence Middle School Athletic Boosters are planning a Spring Breakfast to continue its mission of finding the moneys needed to bring sports back in their entirety at both Martin and Riverside.
There’s more for sure, but these are just a few examples.
In fact, we need any number of efforts like those mentioned to take place, not just in our schools, but in other aspects of the city.
It’s these types of loosely based public-private partnerships that will help revitalize East Providence, bolster and enhance the future of city. And it might be time to look at some more serious, structured cooperative efforts as a means of solving some of the problems we face.
The government and the community at-large should and must work together to ensure our current standard of living in the city as well as grow and improve our economy outlook.
If it can’t be done at the national level and if our state leaders remain stagnant, maybe the real ideas and policy incubators should be in municipalities like ours.
We might be best served to listen to and follow the leads of people at the fore of these community efforts. Sometimes the best ideas are right around the corner.


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