Editorial: Keep Narragansett Way

Editorial: Keep Narragansett Way


narraIt seems obvious that the town should dismiss a request to re-name Narragansett Way in honor of the Lewin family, whose ancestors played a role in the early formation of Warren. That said, perhaps the town could do something else to accommodate them.

Members of the Narragansett Engine Co. 3 were angry when they heard that the Town Council plans next month to discuss the Lewins’ request to re-dedicate it in honor of their family. The road was formerly Lewin Way but was re-dedicated in fire fighters’ honor in 1996. Representatives from the Lewin family did not object to the name change at the time.

Many fire fighters there that day are still in town, and changing the name would seem to say, ‘We’ll honor you, but our gratitude has a shelf life.’

While granting the Lewins’ request is out of the question, there are other options. Are there other streets in town that could be re-named? Perhaps around Rockland Acres, the new subdivision in Touisset? How about the entrance to the American Tourister plant? Perhaps some quiet road in town. Surely some solution can be found that honors the Lewin’s contributions without trampling those of Warren’s fire fighters.