Editorial: Gun control is a necessary topic of discussion

Editorial: Gun control is a necessary topic of discussion


Senseless violence. It’s become a common refrain. The ensuing words in this editorial, like tens of thousands of others written around the country and the globe, in response to yet another tragic event of gun violence in our nation probably won’t have much long-lasting effect, though they still must be said and read.

The gruesome massacre of several members of the Sihk faith at temple in Wisconsin last weekend came just over two weeks following a likewise horrifying shooting of many movie-goers in Colorado.

Though the motives behind the two homicidal episodes are distinct, the consequences of each are not. Both were perpetrated by twisted individuals, miscreants who had lost all connection to reality as well as the society and community in which they lived.

We in this area have been very fortunate. We have managed, for the most part, to avoid such occurrences locally and regionally. It is not as though we are completely spared of gun violence. The major metropolitan areas of New England, including Providence, suffer their fair share of tragic deaths by gun on a regular basis.

Death, especially the malicious sort, is an unfortunate aspect of life. There are those who can’t or won’t respect the sanctity of living. It will always be a reality of our existence.

What doesn’t have to be part of our being is the prevalence of automatic weapons or those which sole purpose is to kill or maim. There are rational, reasonable gun control measures that can and should be adopted.

Literal followers of the Constitution always point to the presence of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, as a means of preventing gun controls. The irony is they use an amendment to back their case, though it is that very process that created the “right” itself and which makes the Constitution a living, breathing document and an aspect of it in this particular instance that should and needs to be changed.