Editorial: Fox foolishness

Editorial: Fox foolishness


For odd programming, it’s tough to top the pre-Super Bowl stunt pulled by Fox “Sports” on Sunday.

As the game neared and fans gathered to watch the latest about Peyton, Richard Sherman, the Legion of Boom and New Jersey weather, Fox switched gears and, from out of left field, unleashed Bill O’Reilly on President Obama. For what seemed an eternity in the midst of the “Pregame Show,” O’Reilly blitzed the President with questions and commentary plucked from the usual conspiracy theories and Fox News “fair and balanced” fare.

O’Reilly should have been flagged ten seconds in: Personal foul, delay of game, false start, chop block — take your pick.


  1. You are use to watching Obama’s cheerleading team on MSNBC et al., you can’t deal with a real journalist asking real questions.
    Just for fun, pretend that all these scandals (Benghazi, IRS, NSA, just to name a few) happened during the Bush administration, or any Republican administration. How would you feel then?

  2. Foolisness? Your crazy would you rather have Matty Loer, Chris Matthews kiss the butt of Obuma? Obuma gets someone who ask him a tough question and all he does is blame someone else, side step the question or change the topic. No answers for any of the questions asked on Sunday. He really shows his lack of sports knowledge with that game score prediction on top of it all.

  3. What we all need to be reminded of is Obama agreed to the interview.
    He is that uninformed to believe that this interview would be a cake-walk? The issues discussed are pertinent and some news outlet needs to be on top of them especially since Americans have the attention span of a gnat. The person to be flagged for pass interference is Obama for not answering the questions.