Editorial: Cash to spare, toll ‘deals,’ River Day

Editorial: Cash to spare, toll ‘deals,’ River Day


• Funny how RI Gov. Chafee said bridge tolls are the only option since the state is flat out of cash for road and bridge work, yet now, with a tough election coming up, his budget suddenly is flush with funds for all sorts of nice things — $40 million more for schools, $10 million for streetscapes …

• Speaking of tolls, people here can be forgiven their ungrateful reaction to special toll transponder and local resident bridge ‘deals.’ They still must cough up $1.50 a round trip to cross a small neighborhood bridge that’s always been free.

• Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Try River Day in Westport — paddling, music, food and more all in one of the region’s pretty places, the Head of Westport.

• Commencement speakers agonize over their speeches and this year, at long last, the audience could hear what they had to say in Tiverton. Their words came through loud and clear through a fine new sound system — a thoughtful gift from the Classes of 2012 and 2013.

• We should probably give the thing  a chance (it’s not even open yet), but that new state boat ramp in Tiverton beneath the bridge is a head scratcher. Backing a boat into the water is one of life’s challenges, full of opportunities for damage and embarrassment. This skinny ramp doubles the degree of difficulty by providing a mere foot or two of room for error on either side. On the plus side, the mini-park and fishing dock (partly sheltered from rain by the bridge) should be a nice addition.

• Gangster John Martorano admits to 20 murders, serves just 12 years — that’s just over six months per.

• A toll barrier to anywhere else in their state, no bus service, higher sales tax than Westport next door … Maybe those who suggest that Tiverton and Little Compton should secede and join Massachusetts are onto something.