Community comes through for Swifts

Community comes through for Swifts


Burr’s Hill was quite the sight Saturday evening, when close to 2,000 people crowded into the park to help Warren’s Swift family — Natalie, Neil and their six children — who are good people and need a helping hand.

It is easy to forget that Warren and Bristol, two distinct communities that are often at odds when it comes to school funding and other financial issues, are brother and sister. That was never more clear than Saturday’s concert. Someone said it seemed like a giant class reunion, and in a way it was. Through it all, police received not one complaint about parking, people or noise, though the sound from Juniper Hill, Worlds Collide and Neal and the Vipers could be heard as far north as the police station. That’s a testament to this community, which takes care of its own and in this case raised $62,000 for the Swifts.

The outlook for Mrs. Swift is sobering, but she has said throughout her battle with ALS that she has her strong faith, and the love of her family, to keep her strong.

She also has friends, thousands of them.