Editorial: It’s time for politicians to fish or cut bait

Editorial: It’s time for politicians to fish or cut bait


The noted political speech writer turned columnist William Safire penned the phrase “nattering nabobs of negativism” for use by then Vice President Spiro Agnew in 1970. Mr. Safire wrote those words in defense of the Nixon Administration against what it perceived as an assault by the “liberal” press and other detractors of the time.

In a different context, “nattering nabobs of negativism” could very well describe some people in the State of Rhode Island as well as a faction of residents here in our fair City of East Providence.

In more modern times, at least, going back over the last two decades or so, the political atmosphere in this city has likely never been as fractious, never been more dysfunctional as it has become with the elections of the past few City Councils and Councilors.

Despite what is actually taking place in our community on a regular basis, what most of the residents and employees accomplish daily, there remains a prevailing sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction with how East Providence is operated.

Of course, much of the bad taste that now lingers here is due to the once and current presence of the Budget Commission. Some of it has to do with the City Manager and his perceived short comings. And a certain segment of the population, those who voted in the minority, will always have a problem with some in elected office.

So, how do we rectify the situation, you may ask?

First, it’s time for the Council to fish or cut bait with the City Manager? Give him some job security or replace him. It’s that simple.

Second, as many believe, it’s time for East Providence to change its form of government to a strong, elected mayor with a City Council comprised of seven members instead of five with three at-large positions to go along with the four wards.

And third, it’s time for some to put down their pens and turn off their computers. Be quiet for a moment and actually become active in the city and do something of substance to make it better, rather than throwing cheap shots from sidelines. This last one alone could go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere going forward in East Providence.


  1. Mr. Editor, Try as you might to get our council to listen you need only view this Tuesday’s agenda to see that not only do they not get it and didn’t learn a thing but they are openly inviting the the state to send back the Budget Commission for all city affairs. The council is asking our legislature to give tax exempt status to the same groups the BC already said no to. Whether they actually produce the bills at the state house is irrelevant. The fact that the council is even contemplating the action and making the request will be enough for Ms. Booth Goologly to send the commission back full time. As far as I’m concerned the state can’t send in the AFO fast enough.