Editorial: In praise of our public servants

Editorial: In praise of our public servants


We’ve written this before in this very space, and will continue to do so as warranted, but every few weeks we’re reminded just how good our city, East Providence, can be when everyone is pulling together in the same direction. We, as happens in many other places, tend to go astray on occasion, but something or someone brings us back into line.

While we are actually one of the least taxed municipalities in the state, we often hear complaints about the amount of levies we pay. There aren’t often any objections, though, when we see our tax dollars in action, like we have recently through the efforts of our fire department.

Twice in the last two weeks, the EPFD, with assistance from others in one case, helped bring two potentially intense blazes under control in short order. Their work has and should be applauded. We don’t usually recognize firefighters as often as cops. Their jobs aren’t always applicable. However, just as the police serve us on a daily basis, so, too, do our firemen and especially our paramedics.

Likewise, our school administrators and officials don’t often regularly receive praise. Usually, they earn attention when they’re in the firing line on some controversial issue. However, as the new term begins this week, our new school hierarchy has embarked on its initial year with a zest and zeal sorely missing from the department in recent years. They’ve done so in the face of some significant challenges, specifically with the decaying infrastructure of our buildings.

They, much like their public safety counterparts, have approached the situation with a calmness, a level-headedness that we all should appreciate and serve as another reminder of our potential as a city.