Editorial: A positive attitude can go a long way

Editorial: A positive attitude can go a long way


Every few weeks, almost like clockwork, something or someone or some group in city reminds us just how good East Providence can be, and the last seven days were an example as people with local ties once again displayed a sense of caring and community that makes one wonder why we ever struggle in the first place.

Tuesday night, Aug. 6, members of the East Providence Police Department and the Citizens Police Academy put on yet another successful “Night Out” event at the Senior Center. The evening wasn’t so much about safety and security as it was about showing a different side of those charged with protecting us and our homes. It also showed how welcoming and friendly the people of the city are.

Last weekend, a group of rough-and-tumble bikers based in East Providence led a crusade to aid sick kids. Some 40-plus members of East Providence Elks Riders Lodge No. 2337 organized the 21st annual Motorcycle Mystery Ride to benefit The imPossible Dream Foundation for chronically ill children. The event traversed the East Bay, beginning in Warren and ending in Portsmouth, and showed the giving nature of East Providence folks certainly does travel pretty darn well.

In between, Senator Dan DaPonte discussed the process of putting together the 2014 state budget. The sitting chairman for the Senate Committee on Finance, Sen. DaPonte spoke thoughtfully about the difficulties in formulating the plan and hard choices he and his counterparts had to make.

The most poignant thing the chairman said, however, had to do with the attitude of most people in the state and to a lesser extent of our city. He said it’s about time we stop dwelling on the negatives and accentuate the positives of living in Rhode Island and East Providence. He’s right. If we all pull in the right direction, this actually isn’t such a bad place to live after all.