Editorial: 2014 in Bristol: Looking ahead..

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A new year is a time for new beginnings. As we look ahead to 2014, here’s our short wish list for the coming year:

  • Closure for the victims and families affected by alleged sexual molestation by the Perry brothers over a couple of decades.
  • A public/private partnership to manage the newly-created community center near the entrance of Colt State Park. We fear the pitfalls and cost of a municipally-run facility.
  • A clean town beach, open for everyone’s enjoyment all summer long, without a closure, like last year.
  • A doubling of Bristol’s recycling rate.
  • Continued growth in the real estate market, with brisk sales at reasonable prices.
  • An animal shelter that opens for business.
  • A decent water supply for residents of the Poppasquash peninsula, to protect their homes from fire.
  • Professional management for any leased town facility, such as the empty downtown school buildings.
  • Continued success for Explore Bristol and its efforts to boost tourism, commerce and collaboration in Bristol.
  • Breakthroughs in understanding why Bristol Warren teenagers have some of the highest drug and alcohol use rates in Rhode Island — and leadership from all corners to confront the issues head-on.
  • Fiscal sanity when considering a maritime center for the old armory building off Thames Street.
  • Fiscal conservatism when setting new spending levels for 2014-2015; a tax cut would be a great way to start a political campaign.
  • Another successful, safe and dry week for the oldest Independence Day celebration in the nation.
  • And health and happiness for all.

One Comment;

  1. ekm2x said:

    More tolerance for different points of view.
    Generosity to those less fortunate.
    Equality to ALL.
    Recognition and appreciation for how good we have it; we live in a special town in a special country and have many, many blessings!


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