East Providence’s Mayor Briden made right call on Commission’s return

East Providence’s Mayor Briden made right call on Commission’s return


To the editor,
City Council Mayor Briden requested intervention of the Budget Commission regarding personnel matters after City Manager Graczykowski  put the City Police Chief on Administrative leave.

I must question the timing of this decision by the City Manager, just a few weeks after the Budget commission left on March 28, on April 15 the manager initiates this action. If there were disciplinary actions that should have been taken against the Chief why were they not done in the two year tenure of the Budget Commission? Has the Chief just recently, between March 28 and April 15 committed violations/issues that warranted this action?

By intervention of the Budget Commission a fair and independent  review will take place and is necessary, for the Chief and this City. We don’t need another lawsuit regarding personnel issues, and a man doesn’t need to be maligned for what could possibly be political reasons.

What I do question is why Councilwoman Chrissy Rossi is so upset at a fair and unbiased review?

Isn’t that in the best interest of this city? Or, is she upset that it isn’t in her best interest?

The City Manager accepted his position without a contract, and now continuously whines about not having one, has interviewed with other communities frequently. Was this a move done to gain favor by certain factions in hopes of getting a contract?

Again I believe Mayor Briden  made the best decision for the city, a fair and unbiased review is needed.

Corliss Blanchard


  1. Why is councilwoman Rossi so upset over all of this? Is it because she was not chosen as mayor? Or does she have a personal stake in this because her husband is a retired police officer!
    Why does Councilwoman Rossi still continue to try and interfere in the school department issues?

    Mr. Briden you made the right call, now make the right decision!