East Providence, what have we done?

East Providence, what have we done?


To the editor,
The people have chosen and again, like a battered spouse afraid to listen to reason, we voted citywide for the entitlement at every level, strapping a yolk on the neck the next few generations. We have casted ourselves; drones to an evolving class never desired by our founders; a class of those who have learned to leverage our apathy, lack of will, knowledge and awareness, and gullibility.

Historically, the only people who cherish their liberties are ultimately those who realize that they are about to lose them. I truly believe that most every one of us loves our town, state and country. I believe we cherish our rights, but apparently fail to recognize with absolute clarity the dangers facing our way of life and standard of living, our economy, our City Charter and the U.S. Constitution.

These threats have come from irresponsible and group-minded charlatans currently holding sway in city, state and federal government. We repeatedly fail to correctly identify them as the arrogant and corrupt activists they are. We deny the actuality that they seek to aid their allies for selfish gain, in accordance with clandestine motive, foreign principles and ideals that are the antithesis of the educated, representative self-government we were entrusted with. East Providence is duped into voting for this at every level from the School Committee to the Oval Office.

I so hope that we see the precious gift entrusted to these politicians being whittled away by the egocentric and unprincipled who presume to govern not by the just, honestly obtained consent of the governed, but by their own private and dangerous ambitions, but as of early November, I hold doubt.

Perhaps as the clouds darken, city meetings will be attended by a wider cross-section of the community; of people who had never attended such a meeting before, who never thought that they would need to, who are frightened yet motivated.

Those of you who have bothered to read this far may indeed be the only holders of the lamp, because we have passed the point where anyone else, past or future can help us. We are utterly on our own, the stewards and the keepers of the legacy and gifts of the Founders. Like it or not, it is our duty not to fail, for the consequences are too appalling to tolerate, yet we are well on our way.

I imagine the voices of the founders; Thomas Jefferson, Roger Williams, and perhaps the founders of our city, too numerous to mention, are calling across the years, beseeching us to understand their toiling. This is why we the taxpayers – not just “Townies”, must never fail to protect the foundations of this city, and with it, this state and this nation; a unique and universally-envied system of self-government. If we do not heed, I suppose their spirits will repent, aggrieved at having made the efforts they did.
Steve Gerling
East Providence