East Providence Middle School Sports Boosters say thanks

East Providence Middle School Sports Boosters say thanks


To the editor,
The East Providence Middle Schools Athletics Booster Club held the Harvest Dinner on Nov. 9th. The event raised $2,000 for middle school sports. We would like to give a very special thank you to the following for all of their hard work and support: Lynn Miller, Dawn Calouro, Paula Stanley, Deb Sears, Martin Middle School PTO President Kelly Cipriano, Sheila Oliver and Joe Tavares.

We would like to thank everyone for donating and for attending including middle school principals Steve Prew and Frank Devall; also Steve Furtado, Tony Ferreira, Helder Cunha, Tracy Capobianco, Candy Seel, Tim Conley, Billy Conley and Kevin Robinson. We would also like to thank Schroder’s, Di Parma, St. Angelo’s, and Stop & Shop for donating portions of the food.
We have also received our 501c3 nonprofit status as of October 30, and the IRS backdated us to May 28th when we first incorporated. Donations are now tax deductible; please seek advice of your tax preparer when making the deductions.
We also just received a $1,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation.
Keep an eye out for more details on up and coming events by liking us on Facebook and visiting our website www.epmsboosters.org.
Venus Tavares