Disappointed with editorial, pols’ marriage vote

To the editor,
I was not pleased with your editorial (The Post, Feb. 1 edition) about same-sex marriage. I respect your opinion but need to express my thoughts.
I am tied of hearing that Rhode Island is the only New England state not approving same-sex marriage, rather it should be noted that Rhode Island is with  the  large majority of these United States that does not approve at this time, only nine approve.
Very disappointed that all four of our representatives voted for approval
I do not know Mr. (EPHS History teacher Michael) Silva, respect his opinion and well said, but not quite sure he is an expert in this complex issue of same sex marriage, as stated in your editorial.
Also, was there some undermining reason why you had to mention that he is a practicing Catholic, a heterosexual man, who is also a city native and resident? I am sure that everyone can read in between the lines.
So to make it fair and equal, I guess I need to state that I am also a practicing Catholic, a heterosexual man, a resident of the city, not born here but have lived here for 45 years.
David Kelleher

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