Disappointed in Felag’s pro-union vote

Disappointed in Felag’s pro-union vote


To the editor:
I was very dismayed to learn that my Rhode Island state Senator voted to approve bill S 2290 “An Act Relating To Labor — Apprenticeship,” that will give unions in this state a deeper reach into the pockets of Rhode Island taxpayers and add another reason for businesses to stay the hell out of Rhode Island.
This bill will add cost to our town’s much-needed improvement and capital projects, as well as in other communities and quasi-government groups such as the Bristol County Water Authority. The bill was opposed by the RI League of Cities and Towns for that very reason, and the argument that this bill will create jobs is a farce.
When will our legislators have to courage to at least try to minimize the stranglehold that the unions already have on this state?
How can our legislators continue to ignore the results of these anti-business actions that are responsible for Rhode Island’s terrible economic environment?
I guess when legislators run unopposed like many do in this state, it doesn’t matter how your vote hurts the ones who bear the burden.
Raymond F. Palmieri Sr.
53 Beth Ave.


Note: This legislation would require that all bidders responding to an invitation to bid on a public works project have an apprenticeship program, and that no less than 15 percent of the project’s labor hours be performed by apprentices. Sen. Felag did not return a phone call on the matter.


  1. You seriously didn’t think Felag would vote against the Unions did you? Look what happened to Doug Gablinske. The stranglehold is not with the state it’s with the state’s representatives.