Violet: How to tell if you’re a Republican or a Democrat

Violet: How to tell if you’re a Republican or a Democrat


All of you have seen “tests” which are supposed to tell you if you lean Republican or Democrat. The answer to such questions as to whether there should be a “voucher” system for Medicare, or whether abortions should be banned, etc., usually are pretty obvious relative to one’s political orientation. Here’s a “test” which is a bit more complicated.

You may have seen the congressional study that in 2009, 2,362 millionaires received unemployment checks. More than 1,000 of them had a household adjusted gross income of $1.5 million. What is your reaction? Do you agree that they should be barred since they have enough of a reserve and providing welfare to the wealthy undermines the program and escalates debt. Or, do you think that millionaires get unemployed, too, and have made payments into unemployment insurance?

Do you agree that everyone should be taxed at the same rate with no deductions or exemptions?

Do you think that government officials have to get us out of our job predicament or whether the road to recovery is up to individual citizens?

With some studies saying that a father reading to his son improves the male child’s future success, should fathers be chastened for spending nights watching ESPN?

You can now download an app, take a picture of a check, hit send, and then have it deposited into your account without stepping foot into a bank. Is this a wonderful development or does it eliminate jobs, which is bad?

If a product made in China is less expensive than its USA counterpart and about the same quality but a little less, do you buy the less-expensive one?

Do you think you should have your mortgage paid off before retirement or should you keep it and have liquid savings in other accounts?

Is public assistance and eligibility for food stamps too easy to secure?

Did you dress up for Halloween, and, if so, did you make your costume or wear one already commercially made?

Is sending holiday cards a chore or fun?

Do you think unions run the state of Rhode Island or is their strength necessary to secure livable wages and good working conditions?

David Scharfenberg of The Providence Phoenix wrote an exposé of how the state’s weak system for vetting contractors allows millions of dollars to flow to companies with poor environmental and workplace safety records. Is your reaction one of “that’s how it is in Rhode Island,” or that this is a disgrace?

You can’t choose both answers. You must force yourself to answer one even though you (hopefully) see competing considerations.

So, your responses tell you …

You’ll have to wait for next week!


  1. Unfortunately Arlene, this is old-school thinking.
    The reality is that Conservatives in this Country have no party, and haven’t for a long time. The pendulum has swung so far left that the ‘Democrats’ really represent the Communist Party and the Republicans now represent what used to be known as the Democratic Party.

    Ask Sheldon Whitehouse, he’ll tell you…Conservatives in this country are the ‘lunatic fringe’.

    Sad, but true.