Trash or Treasure?

Trash or Treasure?


“The Windlass” by Gordon Grant.
A valuable Gordon Grant etching

Q.  I have an etching by Gordon Grant of men turning a wheel on a ship. It is signed by the artist and has the numbers 11/ 100 written in pencil. I inherited from my parents and believe they bought it in New York in the 1930’s or 1940’s. Anything you can tell me about the artist and what it may be worth?

A. Gordon Grant (1875-1962) was primarily a marine artist working in watercolor and etchings. Born in California, he became an illustrator and moved to New York City. He won many awards and many of his works are in important collections including the Library of Congress. Your etching is called “The Windlass”, dates to 1930 and is the 11th out of 100 made. It is very likely they bought it in New York. Others found were selling for $600.

Q. My husband and I bought this 8” x 10” leather tooled picture by Troy Anderson in Sedona, Arizona in 1982. I have been told he is famous now, is he? Any information you could give me would be wonderful.

A. There are two Troy Andersons who are artists from the Southwest. There is a Troy Anderson from Siloam Springs, Arkansas and a Troy Anderson from Freemont, Utah. The Troy Anderson from Arkansas is of Cherokee descent and is a well known painter and sculptor whose works are sold in the premier Native American galleries in the Southwest. He is known for his work in several mediums but they do not include leather.
The Troy Anderson from Utah originally trained as a furniture designer (in Arizona). He does a lot of work integrating leather and furniture using reclaimed wood. He has also produced a lot of hand-tooled leather wall art. I believe this is the Troy Anderson who produced your picture. I found several examples in similar sizes to the one shown. They sold at auctions in the Southwest and unfortunately sold for only $20.

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