Train of Thought: a New England band that has remained loyal and...

Train of Thought: a New England band that has remained loyal and true to its style and their fans


This week I wanted to focus on a local mainstay on the original hard rock circuit. Train of Thought, featuring Eric Burlingham on lead vocals and guitar; Jake Perry on lead guitar and vocals; Ed Bilodeau on drums; and Dennis Stimpert on bass and vocals are one of those bands that are consistently bringing Rhode Island (and the world) great rock and roll. They instantly grab you with honest, pure, emotion and hooks. Their distinctive New England sound is a classic hard rock sound with a hint of a modern edge and clear and powerful vocals. Train of Thought is consistent in their sound and deliver every time: power and precision meet raw energy. They love what they do, and you can hear it and feel it. Every song is well crafted and home-brewed excellence.

In a local Rhode Island scene dominated by dj’s and cover bands, Train Of Thought stands out as a true original act. They rise to the top of the local metal scene and are accessible to all who dare to get close. In their release “Train Of Thought 4,” “Change” is a thunderous charge across the battlefield. This song is like a tank tearing across the trenches. Pure power and some incredible vocals. “Today” is my favorite on the disc. Great tune, and a perfect blending of the vocals with the energy-driven instruments. Bands like “A Perfect Circle”, ” Tool”, “Machine Head”, come to mind as I listen — but this is a sound creatively unique to this group.
With “Boo Hiss” the band slides into a groove unlike any other with their vocals and cool bass line. These guys are a well-oiled machine and this song is proof. It’s pounding and hypnotic metal, and tight. Then we groove into a Sabbath/Metallica  type of change. “Solo” is perfectly timed and the emotion is there.
“So You Think” is full-on progressive thrash/hard rock sound. It’s modern metal without the rap influence. The guitar work is what I liked the most about this one. also this song has that “New England” metal vibe to it. It’s all here.

I’m disappointed to find my four-song intro to these guys is over too soon — like reaching for that last beer in the fridge finding it gone. Luckily, there is more music to come and these guys are always playing live in a local Rhode Island club. Do your ears a favor and buy this album. It’s metal in its purest and rawest form…doesn’t get any better than this.

Check out their previous album” Half Empty Independence” as well. Available on Reverb nation.

Bryan Martin is a Rock journalist and lifetime East Providence resident. He has played guitar professionally for the past 30 years, and while guitar playing may be his first love, writing about music is his passion. Married with 4 kids. Bryan lives in Rumford, Rhode Island.