The Oscar goes to the President and Congress!

What do President Obama, Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, Representatives James Langevin, and David Cicilline, and the rest of the Senators and Representatives in Washington have in common with you?
That’s right! Absolutely nothing!
These vagabonds should all be impeached! Who needs them? They do absolutely nothing but grandstand, while getting paid big bucks for all their posturing. They seem to think that we are stupid and are missing what con artists they truly are, as they engage in all their hand-wringing drama. The latest example is the so-called sequester lurking on March 1. Automatic cuts will be implemented. Cuts which all of them say none of them want.
Well, let’s take a step back.  How did we get the “sequester situation” to begin with? Both the President proposed and Congress voted   to take this “bitter pill” in the future—which is now. Ostensibly, these cuts were so draconian the solons wouldn’t let them happen.
Think about that for a moment. These brain trusts actually proposed what they say they didn’t want to do to make sure they did what they were supposed to do. Now, if you were marrying somebody who picked a certain date in the future for a divorce if you didn’t work together on the marriage and you both claim that you don’t want to separate but that’s what’s going to happen anyway because you couldn’t agree on what kind of pet to raise, your friends would think that you had a bolt loose. So, why are we paying these people for such a bad story line?
It’s bad enough that Mr. Obama plays golf with a serial cheater like Tiger Woods when he should be in Washington working out the budget problems but then again, he is the King of the United States. He can fly back and forth to Hawaii on your dime to finish his vacation after the last budget fiasco. Camp David is apparently too shabby for him and the family. Likewise, our legislative delegation along with their confreres spend more time on vacation than anyone else who supposedly works. That’s the key. They don’t work. They speak  their lines from a script!
So, Mr. and Mrs. Government Worker will get furloughed and see their pay reduced by 20 percent. Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public will also suffer needlessly. There is no question that the federal budget is bloated, but the wrong things are being cut. Programs like food inspection and bank and securities monitoring, that are unpopular with campaign contributors, are being gutted. It’s actually a deregulation program in disguise—the real fat remains. There is no doubt that this is what they want. If something they actually care about is threatened, you can be sure it will be addressed before March 27 when the current funding authority runs out.
Please, when you see these congressional leaders around town on another one of their proverbial long weekends or monthlong vacations, don’t be polite. Tell them to get to work and stop posturing—and that you are sick of their acting!


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One Comment;

  1. Joyce said:

    It’s so rare when I agree with Arlene but this article is spot on. I agree with evrything you said Arlene. Should I be worried?


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