Stop the destruction

Last week I wrote  about how Congress and the President have only exacerbated the problem of immigration and have defaulted on their   obligations, which have led to frustrated citizens vetting their anger at children and mothers crossing the border. I was reminded by a reader of the remarks made by former Governor Dick Lamm on the dangers of multiculturalism, which certainly should be discussed. I share them with you since my studies of ancient cultures in scriptural times proved to me how powerful civilizations like Rome perished because of the violation of its internal cohesiveness by a cavalier attitude toward the very points raised by Mr. Lamm.
First, let’s address then-Governor Lamm, who was pilloried in the mid-80’s for his comments that we have a duty to die and get out of the way without resorting to artificial means at the end of life. He insisted at the time that he was misquoted and characterized as an early Dr. Jack Kevorkian, trying to put  the elderly to death. His comments, he explained, were designed to have us reflect on the approaching technological immortality as a result of tubes, drugs and machines artificially prolonging life. So, even if you hate the guy, just like a broken clock is correct twice a day, consider what he regards as the United States committing national suicide.
To destroy the United States first requires turning the country into a bi-lingual or multi-lingual and multi-cultural country where every group is just fine and need not assimilate. Other countries where societies did not assimilate have histories of turmoil and tension. Today, the putative  secession of Quebec from Canada, the Russian separatists in the Ukraine, France’s difficulties with Basques, Bretons, Corsicans and now an Arab minority following Shia law, and Iraq’s Sunni, Shiite, and Kurds who are pulling the country apart are just some examples of a failure to have national unity.
Mr. Lamm sarcastically said that his second step to destroy America would be to encourage immigrants to maintain their culture. “I would make it an article of belief that all cultures are created equal” (Speech 2005, I would make it an article of faith that the black and Hispanic drop-out rates are due to prejudice and discrimination and that any other explanation is out of bounds. A further step would be to keep these students and any fastest-growing demographic the least educated, and keep reinforcing inferior education to make them angry at the “others” who are doing this to them. A steady barrage of reinforcing that the majority is responsible for any lack of success is necessary to create a victim mentality, and let’s fund a grievance industry that would blame all minority failure on the majority. Call anyone racist or xenophobic to halt any discussion as to any other explanations.
His next step would be to emphasize the “pluribus” (many) instead of the “Unum” (one) in “E. pluribus Unum.”
So, with over 100 languages prevalent in our education system and government pamphlets, the welcoming of other cultures that demean women and the cottage industry supporting the blame game, is it any wonder that we are losing cohesiveness? Diversity is fine — as long as there is the national glue of unity.
Who’s to blame? The same panderers in government that refuse to reform immigration and education, and who fund the enablers. Yes, we are back to the politicians again, and they are even more dangerous since they are destroying this country.


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