Rhode Islanders will be on the menu when the zombie apocalypse hits

Rhode Islanders will be on the menu when the zombie apocalypse hits


Zombie Horde

Rhode Island will not survive the zombie apocalypse but we won’t go down first.

Our Country just loves zombies. From movies and video games to TV and stuffed animals, they are everywhere. The hit AMC series The Walking Dead has made zombie mainstream. Everyone thinks they will survive the zombie apocalypse but who really would. Well the “experts” at Estately seem to know who will survive. Alaskans will ensure the survival of our species.

Recently, Estately ranked the States on their survivability during the zombie apocalypse. They used metrics, like physical fitness, military personnel and zombie knowledge, to score each State. Alaska score the best in every category. Rhode Island scored well in martial art skills and low obesity levels but scored poor in gun ownership and survival skills.

But we are not the worst state.

Rhode Island ranks 36th in the country. Our small size and proximity to some of the worst states is what really does us in. We don’t have as many military personnel as other states, our zombie knowledge is surprisingly low and we are surrounded by some of the worst states. Massachusetts is number 42 due to their complete lack of knowledge of zombies. Connecticut is number 46 for their complete lack of any survival or weapons skills.

Photo courtesy of estately.com.
Photo courtesy of estately.com.
Some surprising skills that we learn from Estately’s findings is that Rhode Islanders love martial arts, play a lot of paintball and is relatively fit compared to other states. We scored very well in those categories.

So when the zombie apocalypse hits, run for the hills! Or a short drive to New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine. Those are the only places to survive in New England.

Make sure to visit Estately’s post for the complete ranking of U.S States most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse.