Poseurs and poppycock = politicians

Poseur: A person who pretends to be what he or she is not; or a person who attempts to impress others by assuming an affect or sentiment other than his or her true feeling.
Do you know any poseurs? Here are who should be high on your list, namely, those phonies who populate the White House and Congress.  Nothing is more sickening than to witness the rant and ravings emanating from Capitol Hill over the immigration crisis. Mind you, immigration reform has been the topic of discussion since 1986. After President Ronald Reagan’s amnesty and the Congressional pledge to straighten out immigration policies, these politicians and their predecessors have dragged out reform for 28 years.
The whole sorry lot of them exploits the weaknesses in the immigration rules for their own purposes. Republicans really don’t want any reform, since the cheap labor helps run the agribusiness monopolies that fuel   their re-election coffers. Shortly after NAFTA was passed, close to two million Mexican farm workers who owned their own plot of land were forced out of business by United States subsidized corn producers and other colossal agricultural companies, including Walmart, who initially underbid them on prices in their own country. After these farmers went bankrupt and were eliminated as competition, the stateside companies hiked prices.
The Democrats don’t want an immigration solution either. They make political capital by exploiting immigrants, promising them an education and other benefits with the hope of getting these communities to support them at the polls. In effect, the middle class taxpayer is contributing to the re-election of these democrats since Joe Citizen is the one paying for the pot of gold promised by these hacks that really don’t care two cents about the immigrants. Their re-election is all that counts.
So, now we have the terrible specter of average Americans screaming and shouting at children and mothers at the borders. Folks elsewhere are rallying against resettlement in Rhode Island and other states. What is infuriating to me is that normally goodhearted people, filled with frustration, are repudiating the American dream of refugee and its hardship policy because the mopes in Washington have done nothing except to exacerbate the flow of illegals into the country. I can’t stand to look at these politicians with their furrowed brows and feigned concern for just about everybody involved, as they act, well, as poseurs.
With the August recess coming up, the phonies will continue to attenuate the situation so they don’t have to do anything. They will go home, as they will in Rhode Island, and urge you to return them to Washington so they can work on this and other important issues. Their speeches will be filled with invective that it’s the “other party” who are the bad guys. The reality is that this “bad cop/good cop” scenario has been playing out for a very long time between the republicans and the democrats.
Are you sick of this long-running play yet? If you are, save your shouts for the Congressional delegation seeking your votes. Let them know that you are on to their role playing and you are sick of the reruns. Would that voters turned all those Congressional office holders out of office.


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