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No Fluke


Pabst Blue Ribbon tournament winners
The 2012 second annual Pabst Blue Ribbon striped bass and fluke tournament, one of the largest bass and fluke tournaments in the Northeast, concluded last Sunday, Sept. 22 with an awards ceremony at the Ocean Mist in South Kingstown. This year, the $10,000 first place striped bass boat division prize went to Jeff Thibodeau of Wallingford, Conn., with a 60 lb. 11 oz. fish. Robert Ferraro of Narragansett took second place ($5,000) with a 58 lb. 8 oz. striper; and third place ($3,000) went to Joseph Bartnicki of Hackettstown, NJ, for a 54 lb. 9 oz. fish.
Shore division striped bass first place winner was Michael Coppola of New York, NY; John Hanecak of Rock Hill, Conn. second place; and Thomas McGuire of Narragansett was third place shore division winner with a 34 lb. 7 oz. striper.
The first place summer flounder (fluke) prize ($5,000) went to Samuel Dibner of Woodbury, Conn. for an 11 lb. fluke; second place ($3,000) went to Joseph Giuliano of Niantic, Conn.; and third place ($2,000) went to Matt McDermott of Plainview, NY.
Junior winners include Andrew McGarry of Block Island (bass winner) and Fin Howat of Southport, Conn. (fluke winner).
The PBR tournament ran from June 1 to Sept. 15 and took place in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Visit for photos.

Where’s the bite
John Wunner of John’s Bait and Tackle, North Kingstown said, “Tautog fishing is just starting to pick up with anglers catching keeper fish but with a lot of shorts mixed in.” Angler Dave Fewster said, “I tried for an hour last Sunday and got a bunch of shorts, one keeper tog, one keeper sea bass. Water was still 71 in the bay. Very few scup though, it will get better every day with lower temps and shorter days.” I fished with Joshua McElwee Saturday and he caught his first keeper tautog at General Rock, North Kingstown.  The bite was fast there but a lot of shorts mixed in (small scup and black sea bass too) with fish just starting to get big.  Fished there last week with no luck, so the tautog are getting larger.
Striped bass fishing has improved. Russ Weymouth fished the southwest side of Block Island Thursday and said, “Drifting slightly north from the Peanut, (we) caught the biggest fish on my boat One Iota… a  49″ striped bass at 48 pounds (using eels). We continued to repeat the drift and caught as many keeper stripers as we had eels….and jigging with Sproes limited out on BSB!!!” John Wunner said, “The best fishing story this week is that I had three customers leave Allen’s Harbor, North Kingstown at 6 p.m. Friday night and returned at 1 a.m. Saturday.  They left with 40 eels and could have caught as many bass, all were in 30 to 40 pound range.”  Eels and parachute jigs seemed to be working well at Block Island this week, not much luck with tube & worm. The good news is that the fall run has started. However, no reports of a strong bass or blue fish bite starting yet in Narragansett Bay.
Shore fishing picked up but is still slow as anglers are having difficulty hooking up with fish on a regular basis. Dave Pickering, noted local shore angler authority and author said, “Today (Saturday) I went down and checked out places that had been producing earlier in the week.  I found no bait, no birds diving, no fish and no fishermen. I fished a lot of white water and rocky drop-offs today but could not even find a schoolie or a bluefish… Note also that there are no albies around. If they are not here by now, don’t expect a big run of them.”  Visit Dave’s striper blog at
In fresh water, Dave Pickering fished for carp at night this weekend in the Blackstone River. Dave said, “I wasn’t getting anything fishing way out in deeper water.  But, I noticed a fish grubbing at night right in front of me in about a foot of water.  From experience I know that carp will come in very close to feed under cover of darkness.  So, I put out a flip cast of about 10-15 feet with both outfits. That did it as the alarm went off about 10 minutes later.  A good fight ensued in total darkness and soon I flipped on my headlight to see a big mirror carp at my feet. Yes, they do hit at night.”  Visit Dave’s carp blog at

Captain Dave Monti has been fishing and shell fishing on Narragansett Bay for over 40 years.  He holds a captain’s master license and a charter fishing license. He is a RISAA board member, a member of the RI Party & Charter Boat Association and a member of the RI Marine Fisheries Council. Visit Captain Dave’s No Fluke website at; his blog at  or e-mail him at [email protected].