Mind your mobile manners

Mind your mobile manners


We all rely on our smartphones to keep us connected with friends, family and the office. But while today’s technology makes life a lot more convenient, it also makes for some potential etiquette dilemmas.

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month – a perfect time to ensure your habits don’t violate any “tech peeves.”

Here are some tips from AT&T to follow:

•    Keep your smartphone conversations private. If you’re in a public place, excuse yourself to take a call – especially if it’s likely to get heated, personal or emotional. And if you can’t duck out, hang up and return the call later.
•    Be conscious of your surroundings. It’s never a good idea to discuss private or business-sensitive issues in a public place.
•    Excuse yourself. Expecting a call? Tell your coworkers or companions ahead of time, and then excuse yourself quietly when the call comes in.
•    Text instead. Texting make staying connected – politely – so much easier. Use texts as a quiet way to send and receive messages.
•    Be in the moment. Wherever you are – business meetings, vacation, out with friends – let calls go to voicemail or silence your alerts. Those constant rings, chirps and alarms can be distracting to others.
•    Use your “inside voice”.  When you do talk on your smartphone in public, don’t yell. As they say in elementary school, use your “indoor voice” and avoid the dreaded “cell yell.”
•    Follow rules. Places like schools, hospitals, airplanes, theaters and “quiet cars” restrict cell phone use for a reason. Be mindful of those rules.
•    Consider headphones. Like to listen to music at the office or while commuting on the train? Bring along headphones so you don’t distract others.

With these simple rules, you can stay courteous and connected.

Rick Arieta is AT&T’s Rhode Island Retail Sales Manager.