Headliners’ New Year’s resolutions

Headliners’ New Year’s resolutions


Yes, I know it’s a bit cheeky to suggest New Year’s resolutions for other people, particularly when the ones I should make would fill a phone directory. Yet, looking on the bright side, I won’t be responsible for keeping any of them. So, here they are.

President Barack Obama
Don’t take a “selfie” no matter how long a funeral ceremony is. You looked pretty superficial, mugging with the German Chancellor at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. You made the public wonder about the sincerity of your eulogy.

Bishop Thomas Tobin
Speaking of Nelson Mandela, I am sure your mother taught you, Bishop, not to speak ill of the dead. At least, she must have said that if you can’t say anything good about somebody, don’t speak at all, particularly when they are being buried. You are smart enough to make your point in a more gentle way and appropriate time. And while we are discussing you, it’s not a good idea to diss your boss, the Pope. He’s compared modern Christian ministry to being on a battlefield where the wounded need to have their respective injuries dressed — lectures at the time should wait.

Secret Service
Who was supposed to check out the bona fides of the people on stage at the Mandela funeral? The “signer for the deaf” standing next to  President Obama  was a fraud and a man with emotional problems. You made many people wonder about what is happening to the service after a series of mishaps all year.

John DePetro
It’s not true that sticks and stones may break bones but names will never hurt people. S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G  an epithet doesn’t make it less insulting. Calling a woman the “W” word is as desultory as other labels hung on minorities and ethnic groups. Live your apology, now, by abandoning derogatory labels and get back to discourse.

Cranston school committee
You were just joking, right? You froze the salaries of school secretaries, forced them to take unpaid days off, and reduced their sick leave and other concessions. You then turned around and gave half of these concessions to better-paid school administrators and skilled staff. Saying that these big shots would go elsewhere without the raises is ludicrous. The secretaries should make the bosses do their own secretarial work, since they poached their salaries.

Manville fire district
Hear ye, members of this group: just what part of ensuring access to meetings don’t you understand? Now the Lincoln taxpayers have to cough up $5000 for your Open Meeting violations. Have the good grace to pick up the tab yourselves.

Three Barrington parents
You want to jettison the Common Core, a set of shared standards in almost every subject that are designed to reverse the slippage among United States students on international standards. So, ok, what should be put in its place? Don’t torpedo a standard until you know a viable alternative. Also, if there is a cookie-cutter approach to education, as you say, isn’t that argument better made to the education professionals who teach the children?

National Grid ratepayers
The Public Utility Commission gave the company a 12.1% increase, which is now in effect. Wait until the Deepwater Wind Farm Project, another fiasco for rate increases, comes along.

Dare I say Happy New Year?