A tackle box you won’t want to fill with bait

A tackle box you won’t want to fill with bait


Col—Waterman—TackleQ. I have an old wood fishing tackle box which still has its original decal (“PONDBROOK, PROVIDENCE, R.I.”) on the inside. Can you tell me anything about this and if it is worth anything?

A. Your wood laminated tackle box was made by John W. Gilson in Stuart, Florida. He was an avid fisherman and started making the boxes in the 1940’s. He opened his own tackle shop and met George Briggs, who was visiting Florida on vacation. Briggs owned a store and supply company called Pondbrook Co., Fishing and Sportsman’s Specialties in Providence. Briggs and Gilson developed a business relationship which resulted in Briggs becoming the national distributor of Gilson’s tackle boxes.  The tackle boxes came in two models: “The Sportsman” (which I believe is what you have) was used for fresh and saltwater fishing. “The Seamaster” was designed for saltwater use. It was slighter bigger and had fewer compartments, so the larger saltwater lures and reels would fit properly. These are hard to come by and are prized by collectors. Some have sold for $250 at auction.

Col—Waterman—GameboardQ. I have this old game board and do not know if it is worth anything, or what to do with it now that the playing pieces are long gone. Anything you can tell me will be helpful.

A. This wooden game board was made by the Carrom Co. from Ludington, Michigan. Yours is the  “Q” Style Board which is 28 inches square. This game board is from the late 1930’s-early 1940’s. It has chess or checkers on one side and Carrom or “Karrom” on the other. The corner pockets were used in Karrom much like you would play billiards. Yours is in good condition and with the vibrant colors would be most desirable for a wall decoration. Prices vary but those in good condition currently sell in the $75-$150 range.

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