City, state may not be worth saving


To the editor,
Here we go again. It seems that no one is satisfied with anything here in East Providence! Alleged dust, dirt, noise, silence, light, dark, ice, snow, etc./a.k.a. “aggravation”!
I have lived in Riverside since 1979 having moved from inland Cumberland/Pawtucket. Since then, I have been subjected to the Port of Providence’s noise and living in the flight path of T.F. Green with planes coming in right over my house at all hours of the “allowed” day and night! Does this bother me? Yes! But guess what? I adapted! Why? Because it came with the territory! When I hear the cargo ships loading in Providence, I know someone has a job and there is business going on that is paying taxes in this state! When planes fly over my house. I know the airport is being used and there are jobs and taxes!
Since my wife and I moved here from Cumberland/ Pawtucket, and by the way, my wife grew up in Rumford when Bird & Son’s paper mill was working; Rumford Baking Powder was working; and the steel company was working off of Roger Williams Avenue which are all gone now. All we have heard is nothing but complaining about the “aggravation” industry makes in this area! OMG. If you moved here and didn’t know that all this was here when you did then shame on you! It all comes with the territory…the seaport, the airport, the train stations, and the industries. They all serve and all the “aggravation” that comes with them!
Well, I can also tell you that since all of these “aggravations” have left East Providence, my taxes have gone out of sight because there is no big industry left here to help with the taxes nor the jobs here for people to have and have a reason to live here and pay taxes! East Providence was a nice blue collar suburb! Not any more! It has grown into a place where everyone wants what they want and cares for no one else but themselves! Townie Pride? A thing of the ancient past! When it gets to the point when all people can do is complain about what is left of jobs and tax paying industry in the area, I give up. My wife and I are seriously thinking of just not moving out of East Providence, but leaving Rhode Island all together!
There are not enough “native” Rhode Islanders left. I have lived in R.I. all my 60 years to know what this state used to be like. So it certainly won’t ever return to that way ever again! It is so bad it is not worth saving!
Paul Maziarz

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