Chief Marshal is about contributions, not politics

Chief Marshal is about contributions, not politics

Dave Barboza

Dave Barboza
Dave Barboza
I wish to comment on the posted article of April 2 announcing Dave Barboza as the Chief Marshal for this years 4th of July.

The comments that follow the article are opinions, but the negative replies are disturbing. The honor to be selected Chief Marshal has nothing to do with past politics or being a politician in Bristol. The honor is for what the person has contributed to the town. Dave has done a lot for the town. This honor is not a popularity contest. I can not believe the comments suggesting Dave should decline this honor.

One commenter states he/she will not attend the festivities this year, and I say great; there will be another spot on the parade route for my chair!

Dave Silvia
101 Austin St.
New Bedford, Mass.


  1. The negative responses are opinions also. It is likely these commenters have seen, heard, witnessed or personally experienced the Chief Marshall’s unwillingness (both personally or as a town councillor) to compromise on important topics, his demeaning tone or his arrogance.

    I’m just conjecturing here but I do know there is basis for what I’ve written. If people are feeling this way, it is probably not the best selection for Bristol’s “highest honor.”