Budget Commission is setting the tone for the future of East Providence

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Help wanted. East Providence finds itself needing to hire a new Superintendent of Schools. The issue of a bloated school administration has changed. A new Superintendent of Schools will need assistance from administrators, principals, teachers, and other employees for the School Department.
On the city side, many employees have left East Providence for jobs elsewhere. East Providence is not as desirable a place to be employed as it used to be.
This situation affects every citizen of our city, property values, quality of life, quality of education, along with a host of other issues.
The citizens of this city have no say in the governing of East Providence. Only the Budget Commission can authorize and implement the finances of the city.
The citizens have not challenged the Budget Commission. Even if they did challenge, it would make no difference.
A number of well-qualified people have come to work in East Providence, and we hope that they will stay. As much as we want to make East Providence desirable as a workplace, the ability to do so is out of our hands.
The Budget Commission is setting the tone for the future of East Providence and its citizens. The Budget Commission’s every action will have an impact on this city for years to come. If you do not understand that fact now, please consider the reality of our situation.
As well intentioned as they may be, the Budget Commission has the quality of life of our city, the quality of education, property values, and our own image as a city in their hands. Full-Day K. middle school sports, who can stop damage being done to East Providence by the Budget Commission?
Certainly, our own politics have been an issue. We have caused our own problems politically and otherwise, through benign neglect, apathy, lack of time and interest.
However, as we look into the future of our city, we must hold the Budget Commission responsible.
— Charlie Tsonos

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