Bristol town leaders were AWOL on Saturday

Bristol town leaders were AWOL on Saturday


To the editor:

For many years, when the acronymn AWOL (absent without leave/absent without official leave) is used, we conjure up dereliction of duty as well as punishment or discipline. The phrase has been extended beyond a military-only reference. We Americans have been fortunate with respect to our military and their call to arms so many times, that collectively they have responded by engaging, not going AWOL.

This past Saturday, at our very beautiful war memorial garden, the Bristol Veterans Council conducted its annual Victory Day commemoration, acknowledging the Sept. 2,1945, signature of unconditional surrender effectively ending World War II. This commemoration was repeated at Coast Guard Corner — the southwest corner of Thames and Constitution streets.

The war was a horrific war, both at its inception — for our entry — and at its Aug. 14 conclusion. In fact, the men and women soldiers of that effort have been labeled “The Greatest Generation.”

To me, and I’m sure to the veterans at the garden who were part of the program, I was saddened and dismayed that seven town officials —one administrator, five town councilors and one town clerk — did not make the call that morning. AWOL.

Disciplined? Not by the law, but perhaps by the vote.

Owen E. Trainor III

198 High St.


  1. Being Monday was a holiday in RI, the only state to do so, where were the officials? Town offices were closed, Council members might be at work, but the Administrator wasn’t, he should have been there; he appears to have his own agenda as his people friendly attitude he had when running changed after he was elected.