Bristol Speakout line: Week of April 11

Bristol Speakout line: Week of April 11


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAInstead of worrying about stupid things like plastic bags, how about having the courage to try some hard things, like maybe widening Metacom Avenue.

It was really disappointing how there are so many tree limbs littering the streets of Bristol. What is the town doing to clean up? Something should be done.

I just want to call to thank the highway department. I had my mailbox knocked down and I called the next day. Sure enough next Monday the box was up. They did a good job and I want to thank them.

So now the Town of Bristol has a painting of Diane Mederos hanging at town hall? Did they use gold leaf? Oh no, they saved that for her contract. That sounds like the biggest waste of paint since they put a stripe down the middle of Rusty Serpa’s driveway when he was the Fourth of July king.

Congratulations to Lou Cirillo in being the Fourth of July chief marshal. He is a good man and represents this town well. Thank you very much.