Xbox 360 dashboard update brings new looks and features

Xbox 360 dashboard update brings new looks and features

Social Tab | Xbox 360 Dashboard
The new "social tab" houses your Xbox friends as well social apps like Facebook, Twitter and Video Kinect.

At 12:01 AM Wednesday December 7, a prompt appeared on my Xbox to download a system update which I did. I thought it might be the new dashboard update and I was right.

The new Xbox dashboard brings a clean, more modern style to the old dashboard. There are now seven tabs which house all the information that you previously had access to. The dashboard reminds me of the Windows phone with each tab containing boxed sections like “your friends” or “my games”. It has really simplified the dashboard eliminating the lame horizontal scroll. Everything you need is right there for you to see.

Besides a fresh new look, the new update brings some really cool new features. Facebook and Twitter are now integrated into the dashboard allowing users to sync their accounts and stay up-to-date with their “friends”. And of course you also have Video Kinect if you have the KINECT for Xbox. They are all located under the social tab right below your Xbox LIVE friends list. Its nice to have all those “social” apps in one location.

Cloud Storage | Xbox 360 Dashboard
XBOX LIVE members can now save game data to the "cloud" and access it anywhere.

But the biggest new feature, in my opinion, is Cloud Storage. Each XBOX LIVE member has 512MB of storage space. Cloud Storage is used just like any other storage device where you can save your saved game data to the “cloud” and access it wherever you go. I’m always backing up my data just incase something happens to my storage device and it’s nice that I can save data to the “cloud” for safe keeping.

I have run into one issue with the “cloud” though. I wasn’t able to save my Gears of War 3 data. I’m a huge Gears fan and really wanted to save a copy, just to be safe. I’m not sure why the reason but it isn’t a huge issue.

The new dashboard looks and brings with it some great new features.