Worms Crazy Golf now available on iTunes

Worms Crazy Golf now available on iTunes


Worms Crazy Golf

Team 17’s Head of Design, John Dennis, squares up to the tee to explain further, “Worms Crazy Golf and Worms Crazy Golf HD are the perfect games to play on the go, with the challenge of highly entertaining golf holes that break the game up into bite-sized chunks. It’s also got all the depth you’d expect from a Worms game, though, with 20 coins to collect on each hole, gift crates hiding new clubs, balls and hats and a skill score that you can only get by holing-in-one, there’s plenty to keep you coming back again and again.”

Worms Crazy Golf for iPhone and iPod touch is a mixture of the explosive action of Worms and the puzzle-based challenges of crazy golf. All of the trademark Worms humor, comic violence, and cartoon visuals are present, combined with golf gameplay. The game has extensive and re-playable single-player options, including a career mode set across three 18-hole courses – Britannia, Pirate Cavern and Graveyard, and also a challenge mode with 15 challenges. Worms Crazy Golf also has hot-seat multi-player for up to 4 players, and captures the compelling nature of the Worms brand.

Worms Crazy Golf HD for iPad has additional content, an extra 18 hole crazy golf course – ‘Carnival Course’, raphical enhancements and special effects and the option to ‘flip the screen’, which is great for ‘coffee-table’ style social multi-player gameplay.

The Worms Crazy Golf App is available for/$2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, or at the App Store.

The Worms Crazy Golf HD App is available for $4.99 from the App Store on iPad, or at the App Store.