Workers in Bristol County are the lowest paid in RI

Workers in Bristol County are the lowest paid in RI


Workers in Bristol County were among the lowest paid in Rhode Island this time, last year, according to recent data released by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Those employed in Bristol, Barrington and Warren bring home an average of $729 per week; much lower than the national average of $921.

Workers in Providence County are bringing in the big bucks, averaging $908 per week.

The data is derived from Department’s Second Quarter 2013 report.

“It depends largely on the economic makeup of the county, the kinds of jobs that are available,” said Mark Maggi, Bureau of Labor Statistics spokesperson. “This report shows that you’re more likely to find higher paying jobs in Providence County.”

Washington County is home to the state’s second-lowest wage-earners, with an average $788 per week pay-out.

While the news may seem dismal, the figure did grow over 2012’s report, said Mr. Maggi. The figure at that time was $716 per week.

All figures include workers covered by unemployment insurance and unemployment compensation for federal employees programs.