Women save man who collapsed on treadmill

Jessica Tarantelli (left) and Kristen Mello helped save a man at 426 Fitness last week.

Jessica Tarantelli (left) and Kristen Mello helped save a man at 426 Fitness last week.

Jessica Tarantelli (left) and Kristen Mello helped save a man at 426 Fitness last week.

Art Greenwood is still trying to think of the best way to express his appreciation, but he’s not there yet.

“How do you thank someone who saves your life?”

Last Tuesday, the 58-year-old Warren resident was cooling down after running a mile on the treadmill at 426 Fitness, when he came as close as he ever has to dying.

“I was walking to bring myself down after the run and I started feeling dizzy,” he said. “And then I just passed out, collapsed on the treadmill.”

A few feet away, personal trainer Jessica Tarantelli saw Mr. Greenwood fall and ran over to help. Feeling for a pulse, she felt none and started CPR. Meanwhile, receptionist Kristen Mello called 911 and then came over to assist.

By the time Warren rescue crews arrived, Mr. Greenwood had regained consciousness. He was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital, where doctors determined that he suffered from a thyroid condition that caused a dangerously low heart rate. He stayed in the hospital for nearly a week before being released.

“What happened was as I was cooling down, my heart rate dropped too fast,” he said Monday. “I was incredibly lucky to be there with people who were trained in CPR. I am very thankful.”

greenwoodMark Lombari, who owns 426 Fitness, said he runs training in CPR and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) for all his employees, and finished the most recent session in late February.

“Both (employees) were there,” he said. “That’s why we do it. You hope to be able to be there for someone when they need it.”

Ironically, Mr. Greenwood is not only a financial analyst but also teaches community health at Northeastern University. He often preaches the importance of learning CPR, he said, but never thought he would need it.

“I never expected this topic to hit so close to home,” he said. “Had I not been in the good hands of the 426 staff, I likely would not be here today.”

Mr. Greenwood returned to work on Monday, but doctors have ordered him off exercise for a while. However, he plans to go back to 426 as soon as he is able to thank his rescuers. He also said he is very thankful for Warren rescue crews, who helped stabilize him and get him to the hospital.

“They’re heroes.”




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