Winter’s pinch will be felt this spring in Barrington

Winter’s pinch will be felt this spring in Barrington


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Winter officially comes to an end next week but the season’s impact on Barrington’s DPW budget could have a lingering impact on spring.

The department of public works had about $15,000 of overtime funds remaining last week after starting the year with a total pool of $69,000.

Barrington DPW Director Alan Corvi said quite a bit of money was spent battling the recent batch of winter storms, including a hard-hitting blizzard in early February. The department also spent more money than usual last fall in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

“That did not help at all,” he said.

The lasting effect of Sandy and Old Man Winter could be an alteration on what the DPW typically does in the spring, such as extra work prepping fields and readying local memorials.

“We might have to cut back on some of the spring type stuff,” Mr. Corvi said. “We might cut back on overtime and do the best we can during the week.

Mr. Corvi said the department does have between $20,000 and $25,000 remaining in its materials budget though he’s hesitant to touch any of that money. March snowstorms, after all, are not unheard of.

“We could have another storm, we could have a few more storms,” Mr. Corvi said.

“We’re just going to have to watch everything closely. The bottom line is we don’t overspend.”