Westport family searches high and low for missing goats

Ted (black) and Bella (two-tone) stand by the Tripps' s steps in this photo taken about a week before their disappearance.

Ted (black) and Bella (two-tone) stand by the Tripps’ s steps in this photo taken about a week before their disappearance. Note the manicured lawn.

A pair of Westport goats prized for their personalities and lawn-mowing talents have gone missing and search efforts by their owners, and the dog that used to keep then company, have turned up nothing.

Dawn and Brian Tripp say the two, goats, Ted and Bella, vanished the Sunday afternoon and they fear they may have been stolen.

“At first I figured they might have wandered down into the woods or the swamp,” Ms. Tripp said. They have 14 acres off Sodom Road so there is room for goats to roam.

“But we searched and called and — nothing.” When the goats weren’t back the next morning, “that’s when I really panicked.”

Bear the dog keeps watch over Ted.

Ms. Tripp said they have had the goats for several years and that the two never stray far. Occasionally they venture a short distance into the woods “but as soon as you call, they come running.

One fear, she said, is that they were stolen and sold to a slaughterhouse.

“I know times are hard for many people but that would be so sad. They were our pets — just lots of fun to be around.

By chance, Shorelines photographer Rich Dionne took pictures of the two goats just the week before and interviewed Mr. Tripp about them.

He said the floppy eared duo are Nubian goats, a domestic breed developed in Great Britain from native milking stock and goats from the Middle East and North Africa .

Ted poses for a portrait.

He said they love nothing more than chomping on the grass in their yard.

“They are my pets and my landscapers. They have eaten all my briars around my yard,” he said. His trusty dog Bear keeps the Nubians in line. “Bear keeps them from getting out into the road. Most of the time,” Said Mr. Tripp. The Nubians are mild and friendly animals. “They haven’t bitten anyone yet … They are good pets. nice to have around.”

Anyone with information about the goats is asks to call the Tripps at 508-636-0191.


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