Westport taxpayers can expect 34-cent tax hike

Westport taxpayers can expect 34-cent tax hike


Westport property taxes are anticipated to rise slightly in the coming year.

Meeting Monday evening with the Board of Assessors, the Board of Selectman voted unanimous approval of a tentative single tax rate of $7.39 per $1,000 worth of property valuation for 2013. That is a 34-cent increase over the 2012 rate of $7.05.

That translates to an $85 tax increase for the owner of a property valued at $250,000 — from $1,762 to $1,847.

In reality, though, some will see larger increases while others will pay less since tax bills will reflect this year’s full revaluation of property.

The assessors report that the revaluation shows an increase in the value of waterfront property but a decrease in the value of properties smaller than approximately six acres.

During typical revaluations, about a third of property owners see property value increase, a third see decreases and a third stay about the same.