Westport streetlights could go dark to save money


StreetLightFlickrCCWaltJabscoSanford Road — and a bunch of other Westport streets — will be darker by far at night if a money-saving proposal before the Board of Selectmen takes place.

All told, some 119 street lights will be turned off at a savings of about $120 per year per light, under a plan developed with cooperation by Westport Police. All told, the annual savings could exceed $14,000.

No street would be hit harder than Sanford Road where some 22 lights might be doused. Old Bedford Road could lose seven, Drift Road five, Hixbridge/Hillside six, Old County Road four, and many others one or two.

Westport Police Lt. John Bell assisted Selectmen by providing police input on lights that might be turned off without undue public safety impact.



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